Special NC/SC Rules

1. All teams can use a designated hitter and an extra hitter in all ages 13U and above in North and South Carolina. This means they can use either DH or EH or both.

2. All games will have time limits set by the director.

3. 9U teams will play modified stealing rules.

4. All baseball tournaments will use a pool play format. Tournament director will furnish baseballs.

International Tie-Breaker

If the game is still tied after regulation time or regulation innings, then the International Tie-Breaker shall be put into effect once completing the last inning of the tie. The new inning shall begin with the last player to have an official at-bat in the previous inning shall go to 2nd base to start the new inning with no outs, balls, and strikes. The game shall be played until conclusion of winner.

Note: This rule applies to all games (including Silver/Bronze Championship Game), except the regular and Gold Championship game.

This rule is mandatory in SC events and optional in NC events (Crystal Carolina Sports events will be using International Tie-Breaker).

NC/SC Fall Season

Players on teams that quit playing until the spring will be able to play on another team. They will be allowed to go back to their original team in the spring. This is being done so players that want to play baseball in the fall while the rest of their original team is doing soccer, football, etc. will not be penalized.


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