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Our Objective

We are baseball people with a commitment to provide all teams with quality tournaments across North Carolina and our region at the best facilities possible.

Mission Statement

We understand that this is truly about "The Game" and we are here to uphold and to protect the integrity and spirit of the game thus allowing the young player the best environment for which to compete and to pursue his or her love of the game.

"Remember You Are Here For The Kids. Sportsmanship Comes First And Foremost".

More Opportunities For Teams

In partnership with our National Directors, our goal is to offer Nations teams more opportunities to play in the best venues out there. NC Nations teams can compete locally within the state , across the region or on a national stage.

About Our NC Tournament Directors

Our directors are committed to upholding the integrity and spirit of the game therefore promoting the vision of Nations Baseball which is to provide a "fair and level playing field for all".

To offer North Carolina teams our very best:

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About Our Umpires

Our umpires are registered with Nations Baseball and the majority of them are high school or college certified and are well trained in dealing with youth players and coaches alike. Just like the young baseball player who works hard to hone his or her skills we challenge our umpires to be at their best at all times. By attending our clinics and training camps our umpires gain valuable insight into the vision and objectives of North Carolina Nations Baseball, the rules of the game and the Nations program itself.

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